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The goal of a stable and rewarding career in the insurance industry beckons! The Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) Assistant Recruitment Test provides a valuable opportunity to pursue this route. The first and most important step in preparing for this challenge is to become acquainted with the LIC Assistant Syllabus for 2024. This book will help you analyze the exam’s major components, allowing you to create a targeted study strategy and approach the selection process with confidence. The LIC Assistant exam normally evaluates candidates’ skills and knowledge base in many disciplines important to the insurance sector and clerical professions.

LIC Assistant Syllabus for Prelims

The detailed syllabus for the LIC Assistant 2024 Prelims Exam for Reasoning Ability, Numerical Ability, and English Language is provided below:

LIC Assistant Syllabus for Numerical Ability (Prelims)

ApproximationEstimating values by rounding numbers and simplifying calculations.
Data InterpretationAnalyzing and drawing conclusions from data presented in various forms such as charts, graphs, etc.
Data SufficiencyDetermining if the provided data is sufficient to answer a given question.
Number SeriesIdentifying the pattern in a sequence of numbers and predicting the next number.
Quadratic EquationsSolving equations of the form𝑎𝑥2+𝑏𝑥+𝑐=0ax2+bx+c=0.
Quantity Based QuestionsComparing two quantities and determining the relationship between them.
SimplificationSimplifying complex mathematical expressions to find the answer.

LIC Assistant Syllabus for Reasoning Ability (Prelims)

SeriesIdentifying patterns in sequences of numbers or letters to predict the next element.
Coding-DecodingDeciphering codes based on given rules and applying those rules to encode or decode messages.
Data SufficiencyDetermining if the given information is adequate to answer a specific question.
InequalityComparing expressions to determine the relationship (greater than, less than, equal to).
Number SeriesFinding the pattern in a series of numbers and predicting the next number in the sequence.
PuzzlesSolving logical or mathematical problems that require careful thought and analysis.
Sitting ArrangementArranging individuals or objects based on given conditions and constraints.
SyllogismDrawing logical conclusions from given statements or premises using deductive reasoning.

LIC Assistant Syllabus for English (Prelims)

Error DetectionIdentifying grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors in sentences or passages.
Fill in the BlanksCompleting sentences or passages by filling in the missing words based on context and grammar.
Para jumblesRearranging shuffled sentences to form a coherent and logically sequenced paragraph.
Reading ComprehensionUnderstanding and interpreting information from a given passage, answering questions based on it.
Cloze TestFilling in multiple blanks in a passage with appropriate words to complete the text meaningfully.
Error CorrectionCorrecting grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors in sentences or passages.

LIC Assistant Syllabus for Hindi (Prelims)

हिंदी व्याकरण पर आधारित प्रश्नहिंदी व्याकरण के नियमों और सिद्धांतों पर आधारित प्रश्न।
वाक्य सुधारवाक्यों में व्याकरणिक या संरचनात्मक त्रुटियों को सुधारना।
त्रुटी चयनदिए गए वाक्यों या अंशों में त्रुटियों का पता लगाना।
गद्यांश में रिक्त स्थानों की पूर्तिगद्यांश में रिक्त स्थानों को सही शब्दों से भरना।
पाठ बोधनदिए गए पाठ या गद्यांश को पढ़कर प्रश्नों का उत्तर देना।
पर्यायवाची/विलोमार्थीदिए गए शब्दों के पर्यायवाची (समानार्थी) या विलोमार्थी (विपरीतार्थी) शब्द खोजना।
अकार्थी शब्दवाक्य या अनुच्छेद में ऐसा शब्द खोजना जिसका कोई अर्थ न हो।

LIC Assistant Syllabus for Mains

The complete subject-wise syllabus for the LIC Assistant 2024 Mains Exam is given below.

LIC Assistant Syllabus for Reasoning Ability & Computer Aptitude (Mains)

Topics for Reasoning Ability and Computer Aptitude covered in LIC Assistant Syllabus
ProbabilityProblems on Trains
AveragesMixture and Allegation
Stocks and SharesComputation of Whole Numbers
Square RootsMixture and Allegations
Pipes and CisternsPartnership
Problems on L.C.M and H.C.F.Percentages
Volume and Surface AreaRaces and Games
Quadratic EquationsRatio and Proportion
Odd Man OutCompound Interest
Numbers and AgesPartnership Business
Time and DistanceBoats and Streams
Profit and LossIndices and Surds
DiscountSimple Equations
Odd Man OutBoats and Streams
Problems on NumbersDecimals and Fractions
Relationships between NumbersPercentages
InterestCompound Interest
Mixtures and AllegationsNumbers and Ages
Problems on L.C.M and H.C.FProblems on Trains
Time and Work PartnershipSimplification and Approximation
Permutations and CombinationsBar & Graphs
Line ChartsTables
Simple InterestRaces and Games

LIC Assistant Syllabus for Quantitative Aptitude (Mains)

Topics for Quantitative Aptitude covered in LIC Assistant Syllabus
Logical ProblemsStatement and Conclusion
Theme DetectionData Interpretation
Analytical ReasoningPuzzles
Data SufficiencyNumber Series
Letter and Symbol SeriesVerbal Classification
Essential PartNon-Verbal Reasoning
Verbal ReasoningLogical Reasoning
AnalogiesCause and Effect
Statement and ArgumentLogical Deduction
Artificial LanguageMatching Definitions
Making Judgments

LIC Assistant Syllabus for General/Financial Awareness (Mains)

Topics for General/ Financial Awareness covered in LIC Assistant Syllabus
Recent Credit and Monetary PoliciesIndian Economy
Overview of Indian Financial SystemCurrent Affairs
National and International MattersCurrency and Capital
Awards and HonorsGeneral History
Applied Science

LIC Assistant Syllabus for English (Mains)

Topics for English covered in LIC Assistant Syllabus
Sentence ArrangementPrepositions
SynonymsSentence Improvement
Spotting ErrorsSpelling Test
Error Correction (Underlined Part)Transformation
Passage CompletionWord Formation
Direct and Indirect SpeechActive and Passive Voice
SubstitutionJoining Sentences
Theme DetectionFill in the Blanks
Data InterpretationPara Completion
Idioms and PhrasesSpelling Test
Sentence CompletionSentence Arrangement
Topic Rearrangement of PassageError Correction (Phrase in Bold)

LIC Assistant Syllabus for Hindi (Mains)

Topics for Hindi covered in LIC Assistant Syllabus
हिंदी व्याकरण पर आधारित प्रश्नवाक्य सुधार
त्रुटी चयनगद्यांश में रिक्त स्थानों की पूर्ति
पाठ बोधनपर्यायवाची/विलोमार्थी
अकार्थी शब्द

LIC Assistant Prelims Exam Pattern 2024

  1. The LIC Assistant preliminary examination will be held online and will last one hour, with 60 minutes for each section.
  2. There are three sections, a total of 100 questions, and a maximum score of 100 marks.
  3. There will be no negative marking for the LIC Assistant preliminary test.
  4. The English/Hindi language test will be qualifying in nature, and marks in the language part will not be considered for ranking. The section-specific details are provided below:
LIC Assistant Prelims Exam Pattern 2024
S.No.SectionsNumber of QuestionsTotal MarksDuration
1.Reasoning Ability353520 minutes
2.Numerical Ability353520 minutes
3.English Language / Hindi Language303020 minutes
Total10010060 minutes

LIC Assistant Mains Exam Pattern 2024

1. The LIC Assistant Main Test is also administered online; it consists of five portions with a total score of 200 points and a total time of 150 minutes.

2. In the main examination, incorrect responses will result in negative marks of ¼.

LIC Assistant Mains Exam Pattern 2024
S.No.SectionsNumber of QuestionsTotal MarksDurationMinimum Qualifying Marks (SC/ST/PwBD)Minimum Qualifying Marks (Others)
1.Reasoning Ability & Computer Aptitude404030 minutes1416
2.General/ Financial Awareness404030 minutes1416
3.Quantitative Aptitude404040 minutes1416
4.English Language404030 minutes1416
5.Hindi Language404030 minutes1416
Total200200150 minutes  

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